Gym equipment and training zones

Cardio Zone:
Our cardio zone includes Life Fitness treadmills, stationary bikes, and cross trainers along with Concept 2 rowers.

Resistance Machines:
We have a selection of resistance training machines including Technogym upper body training stations, and Life Fitness lower body training stations.

Free Weights:
Our free weights training zone is comprised of high-quality squat racks, barbells, dumbbells, and adjustable benches. We also have a selection of Life fitness cable stations and pull-up bars available.

Outdoor Zone:
Our unique outdoor training zone provides the opportunity to perform more dynamic movements such as resisted sprints on our sled track, med ball throws against our reinforced wall, and odd object functional training with equipment like tyres and kegs.

Top gym facilities
Fitness cycle at Halton

Supporting facilities

As you’d expect, our fitness facilities are complemented with more than ample parking and a brilliant clubhouse for refreshments.

When you marry that with the relaxed, supportive environment we’ve built our reputation on, we know you’ll love your ‘Gym at Halton’ experience!

Car parking at Halton